Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself...

The name's David J. Firth. Sometimes I go by "Dave Filth" or "Dirty Dave (Done Dirt Cheap)," but for you "Dave" will work just fine. The website that your reading right now is my own blog. A personal repository for my artwork as well as all of the things that make me the man that I am.

"Art Hard" is a phrase I started using some time ago during finals at the College for Creative Studies when I started using "Art" as a verb. "Yeah, I didn't sleep last night. What was I up to? Oh you know... Art-ing and stuff." Which eventually turned into "I'll see you later. I'm gonna go Art... Hard." It's not a terribly original gag, but it sort of works as a personal motto. If you're gonna go about calling yourself an "Artist," then you need to commit. You can't be soft about it. So if you're gonna "Art" then you need to "Art Hard."

Stay Sexy,

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