Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Killing Is My Business...

A pitch bible for a video game from the Fall 09 semester at CCS.

If you didn't notice, the name "Carson Byne" is a play on the word "carbine." It was kind of my way of nodding to the cartoonishly violent first person shooters of the early 90's that I grew up on. At the time, I produced this pitch bible with the intention of fully realizing it as a functional game by the end of my collegiate career. Since then, however, the initial concept has changed drastically and the project I'm working on presently doesn't even hold a passing resemblance to this incarnation. In fact, the only thing that did not change would be the protagonist's profession as a private security operator. I'm happy with the changes that occurred, however I feel guilty for abandoning this story concept. In any case, I hope to revisit it again someday in the future.

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