Monday, November 29, 2010

Wake Up Dead

It's been awhile since I've posted. Calm down, I haven't gone on hiatus or anything like that. I'll just say this semester's been a brutal one and I'll leave it at that.

I give you four drawings of four friends with portions of their faces missing. I'm beginning to notice a pattern in my use of zombies as a means of learning how to properly use a graphics program. In this case: Flash.

I'll be sure to post more stuff soon.

Stay Grotesque...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

What's Wrong With Your Face?

Earlier this year my classes introduced me to zBrush. In the interest of learning the program and it's capabilities, I made my first assignment simple: A bust of a human head.

I was surprised by how quickly zBrush allowed me to create organic forms. So I decided to take my sculpt another step forward and create a zombie.

My thought process is not terribly complex. I am okay with this.

Stay Ugly,

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

From Heck It Twas Spawned

One of the first criticisms I ever received at CCS was that my work was too "edgy." At the time, I just sort of shrugged it off, but the seed of thought was planted and it didn't take very long for it to take root. While it's fun drawing tough guys with guns, I started to feel like I was becoming a one-trick-pony. So this year I made it a personal goal to try new things. In this case, I wanted to attempt to make something cute. This idea soon expanded into transforming something abhorrent into something cute (Hey, one step at a time). I sat down to begin sketching a few ideas for characters before settling on a demon; something born from hell. Thus the Heckspawn was... Spawned...

It didn't take me very long to decide on what direction I wanted to take the Heckspawn anatomically. It's basically an impish fawn, bred from hatred, with an exposed skull, sans mandible... Except it's cute. These concepts are examples of me playing with its proportions, silhouette, and emotion. I really liked the sketch in the bottom left corner, it felt like it was telling a story, so I decided to take it a farther.

Satisfied with adorable monstrosity that I had created, I then made orthographic sketches for what will eventually become a finished 3D Model.


Stay Evil,

Killing Is My Business...

A pitch bible for a video game from the Fall 09 semester at CCS.

If you didn't notice, the name "Carson Byne" is a play on the word "carbine." It was kind of my way of nodding to the cartoonishly violent first person shooters of the early 90's that I grew up on. At the time, I produced this pitch bible with the intention of fully realizing it as a functional game by the end of my collegiate career. Since then, however, the initial concept has changed drastically and the project I'm working on presently doesn't even hold a passing resemblance to this incarnation. In fact, the only thing that did not change would be the protagonist's profession as a private security operator. I'm happy with the changes that occurred, however I feel guilty for abandoning this story concept. In any case, I hope to revisit it again someday in the future.

Stay Profitable,

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself...

The name's David J. Firth. Sometimes I go by "Dave Filth" or "Dirty Dave (Done Dirt Cheap)," but for you "Dave" will work just fine. The website that your reading right now is my own blog. A personal repository for my artwork as well as all of the things that make me the man that I am.

"Art Hard" is a phrase I started using some time ago during finals at the College for Creative Studies when I started using "Art" as a verb. "Yeah, I didn't sleep last night. What was I up to? Oh you know... Art-ing and stuff." Which eventually turned into "I'll see you later. I'm gonna go Art... Hard." It's not a terribly original gag, but it sort of works as a personal motto. If you're gonna go about calling yourself an "Artist," then you need to commit. You can't be soft about it. So if you're gonna "Art" then you need to "Art Hard."

Stay Sexy,